Monday, November 11, 2013

Monster Sushi and Gunships...yum...

I've had ideas about monsters/aliens in bars and night clubs forever. Probably has something to do with my passion for the Star Wars Cantinas on Coruscant and Tattooine. Finally got around to it. I'm going for that strange yet familiar feeling.  I might make a series out of these types of images.   

Desert Gunship.  Trying to push my hard surface modeling in Zbrush.

Chose to redesign the "Mongolian Death Worm" for my Creature Design class with Neville Paige. Thinking about fleshing the top one out in Zbrush. 

And a quirky little tribal character. Always fun!

Some doodles and an environment idea 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Homo Ergaster

I was going for  a fun spin on some kind of ancient hominid/ homo ergaster.  It was really interesting to sculpt in clay for the first time.  I had only ever sculpted in Zbrush before.  It was really fun!  It stands 20 inches tall

Wolf Man Sketch

Finally had some time to revisit my old friend Zbrush.  I wanted to go for a looser sketchier feel. 2.5 hours

Self Made Man

Based on a old greek concept that every person "carves themselves" into who they want to be.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

African Women

 male version with some tweaks to wrinkle flow

I watch national geographic religiously I've always been unbelievably fascinated with the different faces in the world.  None are more interesting to me then indigenous Africans. I wanted to try and sculpt one.